Our values - Zaunergroup

Our values


For our society and our environment, through reliability and authentical acting, also our management is authentical. For our employees we offer fair challenges and a fair encouragement.


Careful handling with the own health as well as with the health of others, through an active avoidance of any risk and a methodical capture of risk potentials. Our aim is to guarantee a safe working space for every employee, in and outside of our company.


A sincere and open communication with all our business partners, shareholders, employees and the environment. An ethical and ethnical exemplary attitude which is shown by a correct behaviour and acting.


We face new challenges every day and actively plan our further development. We manage our company with a high economic responsibility, competence and system.


We offer costumer specific complete solutions for our clients, unique in scope, quality and output.


Our communication and business relations are based on appreciation and fairness. We deal respectfully with different perceptions and opinions.

Our success is based on sustainable values and leadership principles. These give us orientation and define the corporate culture of cooperation within our teams and with our partners.

Franz MaurerManaging Director