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ZAUNER ROMANIA is part of ZAUNERGROUP, an Austrian Mechanical Contractor working all across Europe and your partner for Engineering, Building Services and Mechanical Installations.

ZAUNER ROMANIA was founded in 2003, so we have a proven track record of almost 20 years of delivering safe and high quality projects to our clients in in the Energy Industry, Oil Industry – Refinery, Chemical Industry, in the Field of Waste Incinerators or Battery Factories. We have a strong emphasis on off-site fabrication using our strong capabilities in BIM and Digital Construction.

About us

ZAUNER ROMANIA S.R.L. with over 300 employees currently, we are one of the largest and most successful employers in the construction of industrial plants in Romania.

In order to capitalize to the maximum potential both the human resources and the geographical positioning offered by Romania, our company has two work points on the territory of this country:

  • The headquarters in Satu Mare, where the production of prefabricated buildings is carried out on an area of 15000 sqm;
  • The technical office in Ploiești, where a team of specialists offers us competent support in all phases of a project.

From initial conception and planning as well as assembly, installation, commissioning through to service and maintenance work, we offer our customers a wide and varied range of services in all Europe.

Human Resource Development

Human resources are a central value for our company, this directly contribute to its development. We want to capitalize on human resources, NOT exploit!

We focus on the professional development of our employees, organizing various events that maintain the high quality of work, but also the familiar atmosphere every day.


The best news for anyone preparing to become a welder is that this is one of the most sought after trades on the market. Our welding school Zauner Romania opened its doors in 2008, it worked with this date, we regularly organize professional training courses in the profession of WELDER. The professional training includes the study of WIG welding (141) in CARBON and STAINLESS STEEL.

If you want to become a WELDER, you need specific qualities and special training, but the financial benefits will be commensurate with your efforts.

Advanced course

The evolution of technology also influences the field of welding, and we are constantly adapting.
Orbital welding is an automated technological process. After mounting the welding head and adjusting the parameters, the process is completely automatic.
We offer advanced courses in the field of orbital welding.

Take a look at our Weldingschool

New workshop Satu Mare

Zauner Romania is growing!

This is also the reason why we started a new investment, the construction of a new workshop and office in Satu Mare. In this unit we will carry out the production of prefabricated products, thus offering our clients the increase of the productivity of the construction process, maintaining at the same time the very demanding requirements regarding the quality and safety.

On 1st of November 2021, we started the works on the site and since then we have been adhering to the established schedule.

We present to you some moments captured on the site from the last 5 months.

New workshop in progress

Str. Aurel Vlaicu nr. 72
RO-440122 Satu Mare
Tel: +40 (0) 361-420550
Fax: +40 (0) 361-429538