Zaunergroup receives Gold Safety Award - Zaunergroup

Zaunergroup receives Gold Safety Award


It’s time for Safety:

At Zaunergroup our main goal is to create permanent values and to protect our employees and the environment. We are very proud for receiving the GOLD SAFETY AWARD from Construct Secure. We reached a total score of 89.94 out of 100.

Zauner Anlagentechnik GmbH has done a remarkable job of implementing a strong safety management system. In addition to keeping employees safe, safety performance of this caliber should reduce their insurance premiums.

Garrett BurkeCEO of ConstructSecure

The Safety Assessment Programm reviews a company’s historic safety performance and current safety management systems. The platform normalizes data for vendor or contractor size and type of work performed.

The program provides thorough, objective and consistent evaluation of company performance so clients can identify, monitor and manage risk smarter. The results provide a strong indicator of how a vendor or contractor values safety and a reliable predictor of future performance. Zaunergroup would like to thank all persons involved for their excellent work!