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Waste Incineration

In the area of engineering & plant construction – waste incineration sector – we offer the delivery of turnkey plants for incineration and flue gas cleaning as a complete solution.

We plan, deliver, install and commission the plants:

  • Incineration plants for hazardous waste, household waste and hospital waste; thermal treatment of industrial production materials).
  • Plants for safe compliance with all immission regulations. The available technologies are used for the separation of dust and heavy metals, for dry and quasi-dry separation, exhaust gas scrubbers and catalytic processes for denitrification and other selective separation.
  • Combustion plants for the use of various fuels for energy generation. Utilization of renewable raw materials, waste wood AI / AII and sewage sludge.
  • Realization of complete and complex treatment plants for various residues. Acceptance, storage, screening, separation, discharge of impurities and recyclables, shredding, sifting, metal separation, inert material separation, emission reduction, conveying, safety engineering, emissions, fire protection primary and secondary, exhaust air systems as well as air purification.