With our staffing service we offer our clients the possibility to engage our specialised staff astemporary employees.

By doing this, our clients can benefit from the resources of ZAUNERGROUP and be sure that each and every one of the employees they hire from us has had long-standing experience in our company and executes top-quality work.

We devote ourselves to finding the best possible solution for our clients’ staff requirements. The advice we give is goal-oriented, competent and cost-effectiv.


For several years now, ZAUNER ROMANIA WELDING SCHOOL is open for qualified welding experts at an attractive price level. ZAUNER ROMANIA trains local workers to become qualified pipe welders in the welding school. The educational concept has been developed by Austrian welding engineers.

Qualified staff

Piping welders

Training conecpt of Austrian welding engineers

Comprehensive know-how in the field of industrial mounting


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