Svealand (SWE)Production plant for biological products, piping (clean and black piping)

Scope of supply:
- Project- and installation management
- Material procurement (piping and instruments)
- Prefabrication and installation of 20.000 m piping
- Steel structures for supports
- QA/QC (100% NDT for clean piping)
- Documentation
- Materials: High alloy- and stainless steel for clean piping, carbon steel, copper and
Espace Mittelland (CH)Hygienic Piping

Scope of supply:
- Engineering
- 18 km piping incl. primary- and secondary supports
- Valves, instruments and special parts
- Installation of the provided measuring systems
- Insulation
- Passivation
Hessen (D)Piping construction (clean- and black piping)

Erection of a new production building with adjacent energy central for the production of pharmaceutical products made of blood plasm incl. installation of the utility generation building

Scope of supply:
- Project- and assembly management
- Material procurement
- Prefabrication and installation of 38.000 m of pipe work
- Steel structure for supports, insulation
- QA/QC (100% NDT for high purity pipe work)
- Documentation
- Materials: High alloy- and stainless steel for high purity work, stainless steel, carbon
steel, plastics
St. Johann im Pongau (A)Annual revamp of the snow generation system ANGERTAL, Gastein

Pumping stations "Wolfstall and Jungeralm", Pre-pumping station "Angerbach II", pipeline installation in the slopes, valve shafts

Scope of supply:
Piping- and mechanical equipment for storage reservoir, intake structure, water catchments, main pumping stations, intermediate pumping stations (pressure increase), valve shafts (exterior valve stations), installation of water lines (steel, cast iron, PE-HD), delivery and installation of tapping points and hydrants for snow generation;
Snow generation system
Hovedstaden (DNK)New waste treatment facility in Copenhagen

Scope of supply:
Planning, detailed engineering, spool workshop prefabrication, material procurement piping, steel supports and ancillaries, installation of piping (193 t), NDT, painting, PWHT
DN15 - DN6002 incineration lines each 35 t
Waste incineration
Alabama (USA)Process Piping Scope, Conquest 6-Mechanical installation

- Distillation unit: Installation of distillation plant for recovery of N-Methyl Pyrrolidon,
comprising pre-concentration and rectification
- Dissovling unit: Production of the required media for the spinning machines and supply
with respective media

Scope of supply:
Installation of process piping and instrumentation
DN10 - DN500Pharma
Nordrhein-Westfalen (D)Power plant Lausward - Auxiliary boiler system
Subsection plant piping as well as assistance for E I&C, programming, commissioning for an auxiliary boiler system installed in containers

Scope of supply:
-Planning E I&C, wiring and programming
-Installation and installation supervision
Steam boiler plant
11 bar
9.500 kg/h

Feed water tank
8000 l - 0,5 bar
Power plant
Covasna (RO)Biomass power plant

Installation of equipment, biomass boiler plant, supply and installation of EO piping and general piping

Scope of supply:
- Grate combustion
- Equipment
- Piping (HP incl. material supply, NDT, hopper, installation of secondary steel structure
and Lisega primary supports/LP incl. material supply, NDT, hopper, installation of
secondary steel structure and Lisega primary supports, Gas-air-pipelines)
- Installation of measuring stations
Power plant/Biomass
Niedersachsen (D)Combined cycle power plant

Scope of supply:
Erection of 3 heat recovery steam generators, steel structure, equipment, power piping, start-up assistance
Key figures
2000 t piping, 450 t prefabrication and installation external piping, 420.000 man hours
160 MW
140 t/h steam
Power plant
Große Walachei (RO)Well Tie-in 2012

Scope of supply:
- Concrete platforms (Well Pads), access roads, pipeline construction (Crude oil) -
dimension DN80-DN100 production/testflowlines, material L245NB PP insulated
- Delivery and installation of the complete plant piping, valves, equipment and support
constructions as well as insulation of the media types steam, crude oil and combustion
gas within the well plattforms to the external connection points - dimension
DN20-DN150 - materials P235GH, P245GH, P275NL1, P285NH, L290NB, GFK,
- E I&C for plant operation
DN20 - DN1502000 m

6000 m
Gas construction
Wien (A)EPC project: District heating station Vienna - subsection gas piping

Engineering, supply and installation of piping and equipment for the gas supply incl. filter station and distribution lines as well as oil system

Gas supply:
- Configuration parameters 5bar/<1,25bar - DGRL Modul A1/Kat. III
- Buried section DN600/PN10 (100 m/9,5 t)
- Gasfilterstation DN500/PN10 (80 m/8,5 t)
- Plant section 12 pcs. burners: DN300-100/PN10-16 (200 m/6,0 t)
- Blow-out safety lines DN100/PN16-40 (400 m/2,0 t)
- 3 pcs. gas filter, 12 pcs. gas ramps and burners (2,1/6,0/6,0 t)

Oil system:
- Supply of 4 pcs. fuel oil tank
- Engineering, supply and installation of the entire oil piping from
the filling to the 12 pcs. oil-racks and burners of the boiler plant
- DN 200 – DN 15 (approx. 900 m – 10,5 t)
- Supply/installation of oil booster system
- Supply/installation 12 pcs. oil racks
- Supply of E I&C technology and commissioning
DN100 - DN600approx. 800 lfm
(approx. 40 t)
Gas construction
Svealand (SWE)New Incineration line WtE Brista II - Water-, steam- and air supply systems

Scope of supply:
Supply, fabrication and installation of 150 t BoP piping in the waste incineration plant, installation of equipment (e.g. feed water pumps, ND-Luvo-pressure reducer, feed water steam condenser, commissioning, trial run, documentation;
Power plant
Oberbayern (D)New installation district heating central station - Subsection piping

Scope of supply:
- Media piping
- Combi Plus - Revamp district heating, piping
Process steam: P235GH DN15-400
Heat condensate lines: P235GH DN15-150
Hot water in- and outlet: P235GH DN15-300
Compressed air: 1.4571 DN15-50
Deionized water: 1.4571 DN15-50
- Reconnection steam- and condensate lines (connection works)
Installation, operating platform, P235GH - DN50-800, 1.4571 - DN80-125
- Hot water pipelines 1-4571 - DN25-250, P235GH- DN150
DN15 - DN400Pulp & Paper
Groningen (NL)
Nordrhein-Westfalen (D)
Coalfired power-plant, 800MW/each power-station unit - Hamm (Westfalen - D) Unit D+E and Eemshaven (NL) Unit A+B

Scope of supply:
Detailengineering, material procurement, prefabrication at the company headquarters in Wallern, erection, final inspection

Key figures:
150 t pipelines and 80 t supporting structures, materials P92, P91, 13CrMo44 and carbon steel, stainless steel, 220.000 man hours
Power plant
Oberösterreich (A)Process piping and utilities supply systemsPulp & Paper
Oberbayern (D)Power plant Unit 5

Scope of supply:
Refurbishment of approx. 300 welding seams of heat resistant material P91 at the HRSG unit incl. coordination of NDE, PWHT and field inspections

Shut down: 10 weeks (June/July 2012)
Power plant
Grand Est (F)Combined cycle power plant 430MW, Toul (F)

Scope of supply:
- Installation of connecting pipelines
- Prefabrication of pipe spools in Wallern

Key figures:
- 320 t piping, material P91
- 85 t supports
- 30 t valves
- 3.000 welds
- 120.000 man hours
Power plant
Südholland (NL)Combined cycle power plant, 2 x 430MW, Rotterdam (NL)

Scope of supply:
- Installation of: 1.000 t pipelines, valves and equipment, materials P91, P11,
10CrMo910), 250 t steel structure & supports
- Inspection and cleaning
- Coating and insulation
- Assistance Cold & Hot commissioning

Key figures:
- 250.000 man hours
- 220 workers peak
Power plant
Gorj (RO)Gas Compressor Station

Scope of supply:
Flare erection - 72 m, compressors, piping
Westtransdanubien (HUN)Combined cycle power plant Gönyü, Hungary (400 MW)

Erection of the boiler-internal HP circuit: P-91 system
400 MW

300bar, 540°C
Power plant
Oberbayern (D)Cooling Water Münchsmünster - HDPE plant

Scope of installation:
Installation of 350 t underground cooling water system incl. examination and PE-coating
DN200 - DN1000Operating pressure:
20 bar
Oberösterreich (A)Thermal after-burning plant, building 430

Equipment- and piping erection incl. installation of all E I&C for the new incineration plant of the multi purpose facility
Südholland (NL)Combined cycle power plant 400MW, Rijnmond II

Erection of prefabricated piping spools, approx. 300 t pipes and 100 t supporting structures; Materials: P91, 10CrMo910, P11 and carbon-steel, stainless steel and PE-100
Power plant
Nordholland (NL)Air separation plant Ijmuiden (NL)
Installation of an air separation plant including process piping

Scope of supply:
Installation of equipment: approx. 700 t, installation of compressor, turbines, cooler, pumps and tanks;
Installation of pipelines: approx. 340 t, installation of all piping systems, DN6-2000;

Class of materials:
Stainless-steel 1.4541, Carbon Steel St37.0
Oberösterreich (A)Cold-rolling-plant Linz (Austria)
Installation of media equipment - installation of technological media systems

Scope of supply:
Pipes for intake/tandem/servo-hydraulics, fat/gear/engine lubrication, cooling water/compressed-air- and pneumatic equipment

Scope of assembly:
- Equipment installation approx. 420 t: Installation of instruments supplied by the client,
hydraulic tanks, pressurised-air compressor station, valve-stands, pumps, heat
exchanger, etc.
- Installation of piping approx. 180 t: Installation of all piping-systems: approx. 760
pipelines, DN10-600. The pipelines were subject to absolutely strict demands of quality
- Bends: maximum 4% out of roundness
- Materials: C-Steel ST37.0; ST52NBK; ST52.4; 1.4571, Stainless Steel 1.4571
Südtirol (I)Expansion of a plant for the production of polycristalline silicon at Memc in Meran, South Tyrol

Scope of supply:
- Engineering: Detail engineering of equipment layout, piping layout, isometrics and MTO,
for instrumentation and electrical installation
- Civil works
- Supply/erection of approx. 200 t of steel stucture
- Erection of equipment
- Supply and installation of 700 pipelines, approx. 150 t
- Insulation and coating of equipment and piping
- Installation of electrical and instrumentation
- Materials: ASTM A335, P11, AISI 304L, AISI 316L
- Pressure: up to 2500 lbs (approx. 100bar)
- Temperature up to 350°C
Oberösterreich (A)Asset II & Compliance building 52 and building 30 - Phase 1+2

Equipment- and piping erection incl. instrumentation; approx. 400 pipelines;
Materials: Carbon steel, 1.4541, 1.4571, 1.4529, 1.4435, Hastelloy C22, carbon steel with PTFE lining, carbon steel with enamel lining, glass pipes;
The main part of the piping welds had to be executed by automatic welding machines (ORBITAL welding). The pipelines were subject to strict quality requirements by the FDA.
Wallern (A)Australia 2 - Shop production
Fabrication of a 40.000 t/year biodiesel plant as container module system for Australian Renewable Fuels Pty Ltd. in Picton/Australia

Scope of supply:
-Fabrication and Erection of the container steel structure (8 containers and stairtower, 45 t)
-Equipment erection (48 t)
-Supply of valves (700 pcs.)
-Supply and erection of piping - 1500 m stainless steel pipelines DN10 - DN150
Sluiskil (NL)Yara Sluiskil - Conversion of steam turbine 4 in boiler central station II

Scope of supply:
Supply of all piping material, equipment installation, insulation works
Materials: 13CrMo44, 16Mo3, 304L, 316L, St. 35.8/I
up to DN 400
Pressure level:
up to PN 160
Power plant