Incineration plants


Incineration plants for special waste, domestic waste and hospital waste; Thermal treatment of industrial production materials.

Heat and power generation – heating plants



Complete systems for the thermal recycling of all primary and secondary energies for the supply of warm water, steam, district heat and/ or electric power (from 0.1 to e.g. 340MW)

Water-steam circuit, media supply


Wasser Dampf Kreislauf

Planning, design and manufacture of pipeline and media systems. As a matter of course, functionality, availability, operational safety and economic efficiency are the main objectives in the realisation.

Gas cleaning plants



Plants for the safe compliance with all emission requirements. The available technologies are used for dust separation, for the separation of heavy metals, dry and semi-dry separation, flue gas scrubbers and catalytic processes for denitrification and other selective separation processes.

Thermal recycling of biogenic residues


Thermische Verwertung

Incineration plants for the use of various fuels for energy generation. Recycling of renewable resources, waste wood of categories AI and AII, wastewater sludge.

Treatment plants



Realisation of complete and complex treatment plants for various residuals. Receipt, storage, sieving, separation, ejection of contaminants and recyclable material, crushing, inspection, metal separation, inert substance separation, emission reduction, conveying, safety technology, emissions, primary and secondary fire protection, exhaust air systems and air purification.