Half time in Prague

The operator of the Prague municipal waste incineration plant, Prazske sluzby a.s. has ordered the ZAUNERGROUP for the engineering, the supply, the dismantling/erection and commissioning for the “revamping” of the flue gas cleaning systems of the 4-line municipal waste incineration plant. Hereby, all 4 existing flue gas cleaning systems of the municipal waste incineration plant will be adapted to the new incineration technologies and boiler conditions over the next 4 years. The reconstruction will increase the availability with this new facilities and thus restore the safety for the waste incineration of the city of Prague and its surroundings.

Safety Week

By the end of the Safety Week we have a small piece of wisdom: …all watercourses start small.
On their way towards the estuary, they unite with other watercourses and continue to grow until they become a river or even a wide stream.
We are rivers of safety – our common goal is to become a stream! 4.600 accident-free working hours at our prefabrication in Linz (AT, Upper Austria) for our new project at the paper industry.
Thank you for that! SAFETY CREATES SAFETY

Safety Week 2019

Safety Week 2019 | May 6-10, 2019 | It’s Time for Safety.
Join us in celebrating our commitment to working safe by choice – because at the end of the day, there is nothing more important than our employees to come home healthy and safe.