Erection of an air-cooled condenser (LuKo) with 44 MW (GER)  - Zaunergroup

Erection of an air-cooled condenser (LuKo) with 44 MW (GER) 

Project volume: ca 4,3 Mio. EUR

Project: Delivery, assembly, and commissioning of an air-cooled condenser (LuKo) with 44 MW including steel construction and pipe system (DN50 to DN1000) due to condensation of exhaust steam of steam turbine (newly erected by client).

Scope of supply:

  • Project- and assembly management
  • Engineering (LuKo, controller, steel construction, piping, valves, measuring points)
  • Material procurement (LuKo, controller, steel construction, piping, valves, measuring points, special parts)
  • Delivery and erection of heavy components (LuKo, steel construction)
  • Pre- fabrication and erection of the pipelines incl. the primary and secondary supports.
  • Erection of equipment (valves, measuring points, special parts)
  • Steel structures and stage structures
  • Insulation
  • Final inspection and commissioning

Location: Hürth nearby Cologne (GER)

Project period: 2017 – 2020