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Central Heating Plant (AT)

Contract volume: ca. 7,5 Mio.€

Subject: Erection of a new central heating plant for the production of district heat incl. switch of fuels from oil to gas

Scope of supply:

  • Delivery of main components:
    – 3 pcs. hot water boiler each 33 MW, construed as threepass system
    – 3 pcs. district heating pumps for the district heating grid
    – Piping- and access facilities
    – Pressure maintaining- and degasification facility incl. mechanical secondary structures
    – Electric- and instrumentation facilities
  • General engineering, Configuration, Mass determination, Fabrication, Transport and delivery, Erection, Acceptances and commissioning, Trial run, Documentation and completion

Place of execution: Klagenfurt (AT)

Execution period: 2014