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Our vacuum condensation unit is on its way to Holland!


Together with our partner ABH Thermo we are glad to send a vacuum condensation station to Holland again. The application in a municipal district heating system with turbine power generation contributes significantly to the plant optimization.

Technical data
The plant has a capacity of approx. 18 MW and is designed for condensing the exhaust steam from the steam turbine at a maximum rate of 24.4 t/h. The vacuum condensation station is located in a biomass power plant directly under the turbine table and under the turbine. The biofuels are fed to a combustion furnace, the waste heat from this to a steam boiler for steam generation. This live steam is sent to a single or multi-stage steam turbine where it is converted into electricity. In the process, the steam pressure is reduced from stage to stage of the turbine, right down to the vacuum range. Since the turbine must be protected from condensate water, our station is located below the last stage of the turbine and acts as a final condenser. This means that the vacuum steam is fed into our condenser and condensed via the tube bundle.

During the condensation process, the steam energy is transferred to the district heating water in the pipes and heats it, for example, from 70° to 90°. This district heating water is fed into a municipal district heating network for heating purposes. Furthermore, our level measurement and control system ensures that the condensate level in the apparatus always remains constantly below the bundle. The evacuation system, which is also installed, extracts non-condensable gases (air), as these would cover the heat exchange surfaces and reduce the capacity of the unit. The condensate produced from the condenser is returned to the feed water tank via frequency converter-controlled pumps, the level control and the 3-way distribution valve and from there to the steam boiler. From there the process starts again from the beginning.

Vacuum Condensation Unit