Our vacuum condensation unit is on its way to Holland!

Together with our partner ABH Thermo we are glad to send a vacuum condensation station to Holland again. The application in a municipal district heating system with turbine power generation contributes significantly to the plant optimization.

Technical data
The plant has a capacity of approx. 18 MW and is designed for condensing the exhaust steam from the steam turbine at a maximum rate of 24.4 t/h. The vacuum condensation station is located in a biomass power plant directly under the turbine table and under the turbine. The biofuels are fed to a combustion furnace, the waste heat from this to a steam boiler for steam generation. This live steam is sent to a single or multi-stage steam turbine where it is converted into electricity. In the process, the steam pressure is reduced from stage to stage of the turbine, right down to the vacuum range. Since the turbine must be protected from condensate water, our station is located below the last stage of the turbine and acts as a final condenser. This means that the vacuum steam is fed into our condenser and condensed via the tube bundle.

During the condensation process, the steam energy is transferred to the district heating water in the pipes and heats it, for example, from 70° to 90°. This district heating water is fed into a municipal district heating network for heating purposes. Furthermore, our level measurement and control system ensures that the condensate level in the apparatus always remains constantly below the bundle. The evacuation system, which is also installed, extracts non-condensable gases (air), as these would cover the heat exchange surfaces and reduce the capacity of the unit. The condensate produced from the condenser is returned to the feed water tank via frequency converter-controlled pumps, the level control and the 3-way distribution valve and from there to the steam boiler. From there the process starts again from the beginning.

ZAUNERGROUP is expanding!

Due to our growing business in Life Sciences and Mission Critical, we also decided to expand our headquarter: Space for more Zauner-Heros will be created in the form of a second floor of our offices, as well as a new parking lot and an additional warehouse building.

A survey among our employees was made at the start of this project, so we were able to include wishes and suggestions of our Zauner crew in the design of our expansion.

ZAUNERGROUP Switzerland has moved!

Since 2016 we have had our branch office in Bern (CH) to execute our major projects in Switzerland. 4 years & over 1.000.000 safe working hours later, we are moving our branch to Zurich (CH) to drive and continue our successful growth and to be able to serve our clients even better. THANK YOU to all colleagues involved, without whom such an achievement would never have been possible and best wishes for the future development in Switzerland!

Zauner Brandschutztechnik

Due to our continuous growth in Life Sciences and Mission Critical, we transferred our fire protection department into a new company, Zauner Brandschutztechnik GmbH, in order to continue and support the successful development and ensure further growth of our business in these industries.  Our colleagues from ZAUNER Brandschutztechnik (ZBT) are offering the design, installation and certification of Fire Protection and Detection services for Data Centers and Life Sciences.

Are looking for a chance to grow and improve your talents? We have the right job for you – be a hero and show us your superpowers. We are thrilled to get to know you: https://www.zaunergroup.com/en/job-project-leader-for-the-area-sprinklers-fire-extinguishing-systems/

New Projext: Triiiple

We at the ZAUNERGROUP are proud to be part of the “Triiiple” project. Triiiple is currently the largest construction project for the creation of living space and offices in Austria and also the first project where 5 high-rise buildings are heated and cooled CO2 neutral with Donau water. After completion, our Zauner facilities will heat and cool 480 luxury apartments, 670 student apartments and offices for Austro Contol and the ASFINAG headquarters.

Continuation of business despite restrictions due to COVID-19

Dear partners,

The current COVID-19 pandemic presents us with special challenges that we can only overcome together. Our top priority is the responsibility for our employees and their families – BUT we must also continue to fulfil our obligations to our customers, suppliers and partners as best we can within the framework of the given possibilities.

Already last week we have taken organisational measures to protect our staff in the best possible way and to continue the current operation as smoothly as possible despite the restrictions imposed. All employees who do not necessarily have to work in the offices or on the construction sites work from home (telework). Our employees are all equipped with the necessary equipment and have the usual access to our server systems and thus to all relevant project data.

Despite this limitation we will try to keep the operation as normal as possible. The primary goal is the preservation of jobs as well as safety and health of our employees!

Stay safe!

AGRANA opens second wheat starch plant at Pischelsdorf (NÖ)

The fruit, starch and sugar group AGRANA has built a second wheat starch plant at the site of its biorefinery in Pischelsdorf in the Tullnerfeld region & Zaunergroup was among those involved. We were contracted for the decanter station as well as the equipment assembly of the starch factory and the decanter station. Furthermore, we also completed the piping for the starch and gluten drying. 5 km of pipes, 7000 fittings, 25 tons of secondary steel construction, … was installed in over 64,000 hours of work. The project was completed safe, on time and without any incidents. The start of construction was in March 2018, the plant was completed in December 2019.

More information about the new plant can be found here:


fotocredit: AGRANA/Michaela Bruckberger

Half time in Prague

The operator of the Prague municipal waste incineration plant, Prazske sluzby a.s. has ordered the ZAUNERGROUP for the engineering, the supply, the dismantling/erection and commissioning for the “revamping” of the flue gas cleaning systems of the 4-line municipal waste incineration plant. Hereby, all 4 existing flue gas cleaning systems of the municipal waste incineration plant will be adapted to the new incineration technologies and boiler conditions over the next 4 years. The reconstruction will increase the availability with this new facilities and thus restore the safety for the waste incineration of the city of Prague and its surroundings.

Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf invests & Zauner is part of it

Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf is investing €134 million at its Nettingsdorf site to renew the energy supply as part of the Future Energy Plant project. The core of the project is a new soda boiler and a new steam turbine. Zauner Anlagentechnik GmbH is part of this project with the section “Balance of Plants”. This part includes the connection of the new plant with the existing one, as well as a new condensate system and the piping of the turbine hall. Zauner provides the know-how in design and planning as well as the competence in assembly and the global control concept.

A milestone was the lifting of the 105 t B2 pipe bridge, which was lifted in two parts on 20.11.2019. A truck-mounted crane with a load capacity of 500t was used for this purpose. The upcoming work includes the completion of the condensate system and the lifting of the remaining three pipe bridges in January. Also in January, the assembly work will start in the turbine hall, which represents the largest part of the BOP construction phase. The new plant will start up in summer 2020, replacing the old soda boiler and steam turbine.

Lonza invests at Visp site and Zauner Anlagentechnik & Inra Group are part of it

Lonza is expanding its new IbexTM-Solutions production complex in Visp. The life science group is investing 400 million Swiss francs in its biopark at the Valais site to offer complete product lifecycle management at one location.

The scope of the contract of ARGE Zauner Anlagentechnik & Inra Group (AZI) includes detail engineering, prefabrication and installation of the13.000 meters of piping and brackets including subsequent insulation for the media supply and EQP connections.

ARGE ZAUNER INRABAU N-SYNC. Achieving more together.
Zaunergroup & Inra Group AG can look back on a successful business relationship in Switzerland since 2016. In order to continue to meet the increasing demands of our customers, it is necessary to use synergy effects, bundle resources and further exploit our development potential by means of new contact points.