AGRANA opens second wheat starch plant at Pischelsdorf (NÖ)

The fruit, starch and sugar group AGRANA has built a second wheat starch plant at the site of its biorefinery in Pischelsdorf in the Tullnerfeld region & Zaunergroup was among those involved. We were contracted for the decanter station as well as the equipment assembly of the starch factory and the decanter station. Furthermore, we also completed the piping for the starch and gluten drying. 5 km of pipes, 7000 fittings, 25 tons of secondary steel construction, … was installed in over 64,000 hours of work. The project was completed safe, on time and without any incidents. The start of construction was in March 2018, the plant was completed in December 2019.

More information about the new plant can be found here:

fotocredit: AGRANA/Michaela Bruckberger