Maintenance & Service - Zaunergroup

Maintenance & Service

Zaunergroup offers periodic, event-related and preventive inspections as well as maintenance. And naturally, all of this at the maximun flexibility, around the clock and according to the relevant standards and provisions. In addition to the customary initial set-up, we specialised in large turnarounds in the field of chemistry/petrochemistry.

Customer Benefit:
With our maintenance & service department, we comprehensively cover all service-relevant areas from pipeline construction to quality assurance. The advantage for the customer is that interfaces are avoided and at the same time, high flexibility and reliability are ensured.

We offer our customers maximum flexibility, around the clock!

Peter GfölnerHead of the Linz location

Mechanical Engineering

Our team of qualified engineers, designers, machine fitters, pump fitters, cutting machine operators, electrical engineers and fitting mechanics offers a comprehensive service:

  • maintenance according to DIN31051
  • pump technology
  • blower technology incl. balancing
  • conveying technology
  • drive technology
  • spar parts production
  • fitting services
  • electric motor service (also ex-motors)
  • transport and assembly

Electrical, instrumentation and control engineering (EI&C)

Our experienced staff from ZAUNERGROUP plans, programs, assembles, installs and commissions EI&C technology in accordance with national and international standards and codes, consistently meeting project standards. Our range of services comprises the following areas:

  • EI&C engineering, project management & assemblies
  • Detailed electric circuit plan
  • measuring points planning
  • control cabinet manufacture
  • PLC software engineering & commissioning
  • EI&C assemblies
  • fire alarm systems
  • attending plant run-up
  • lifetime service


We at ZAUNERGROUP are specialised in turnarounds of chemical plants, refineries and steel mills. The key to success and a safe execution is engineering, experience and applying the right methods. High quality is the basis of our operations.
Whether there are planned or unpredictable downtimes: we will get your plant started again safely and quickly.